Lose 5kg in 2 Months: A Guide for Parents

If you're like more than 75% of the parents who read this blog, then losing the five or ten kilograms that have stealthily gained since your peak is likely a priority on your fitness agenda. But if you're on the wrong side of being 30 or even older, there is evidence to suggest that you don't need to eat first thing in the morning. To reduce your meals from three to two (or four), try skipping breakfast and having a coffee instead. This will reduce the time since your last meal from 12 hours to 8 hours.

In addition, by maintaining an exercise regime and eating “normally five days a week” and then eating 500 to 600 calories two days of each week, you can burn more calories than you consume, which is the basis of weight loss. This can be done together or, preferably, spaced apart throughout the week. If all of this is too overwhelming, try doing a 5-minute HIIT workout with 30 seconds each running on the spot, jumping scissors, climbing mountains or doing air squats for two weeks and record your results. To lose 5 kg in five weeks, you'll need a deficit close to 1000 kcal.

For reference, a (recently) active 90 kg man can expect to burn about 3000 kcal per day. You may be able to lose weight as quickly if you follow a healthy weight-loss diet, exercise most days, and change your lifestyle. If you want to lose 6 kg in 30 months, keep in mind that this may not be a realistic goal, but you can be close to losing that amount safely within a month. Hundreds of thousands of people in Australia are trying to lose weight and be healthier every day.

Joining a gym, such as Fitbodz Fitness Center, is a great way to start your weight-loss journey to lose 5 kg. With the right diet and exercise plan, it is possible to lose 5 kg in two months safely and effectively.

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