How long does it take to lose 5 kg woman?

It requires a bit of hard work and dedication. With just five simple tips you can lose 5 kg in 10 weeks.

Losing weight

is not science fiction. While you may try to lose that weight sooner, fitness professionals generally agree that you should aim for 0.5 kg to 1.0 kg per week as a safe amount of weight loss.

To lose weight safely and in a way that you can continue for more than a week, Clark and McDonald recommend the following. While this depends on the person, since everyone's body and goals are different from each other, if you start exercising three times a week and follow a healthy diet, you may lose weight quickly. If a person is significantly overweight and has more weight to lose than the average person who wants to lose five kilograms, they could lose more weight more quickly, Clark explained. For someone who is new to training and does 3 to 4 sessions a week while eating properly, you can expect to lose between 0.5 and 2 kg per week, depending on how much weight you need to lose.

To lose one kilogram per week, you would need to burn and reduce your dietary intake by approximately 1000 calories per day, Clark said. You can lose up to five kg in a week by following a calorie-deficit diet, although experts suggest that it's best to try to lose 1 to 2 kg per week. McDonald agrees, explaining that your “training age” has a lot to do with how much weight you can lose. To get the answer on how long it takes to lose weight, HuffPost Australia spoke to two health experts: dietitian and sports nutritionist Robbie Clark and coach Daine McDonald.

Create a calorie-deficit diet by reducing your calorie intake to 500-800 calories per day, as it helps you lose weight faster.

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