Is losing 5 kg hard?

Losing the last 5 kg is always the hardest part of any weight-loss journey. I've helped more than 300,000 people lose more than 3 million kilos with my Home Fitness %26 nutrition program, so I can tell you that getting stuck between 2 kg and 5 kg away from your target weight is a common problem. Whether a special occasion is coming up or you just want to feel healthier, sometimes you might want to lose weight quickly. Losing 5 kilograms in a week is a difficult goal to achieve, but you may be able to achieve it with the right diet and exercise strategies.

However, losing weight slowly will make it easier to maintain the weight loss. Maintaining a calorie deficit is essential to any fat loss plan. To lose 5 kg in five weeks, you'll need a deficit close to 1000 kcal. For reference, a (recently) active 90 kg man can expect to burn about 3000 kcal per day.

For many mothers, it's hard to lose the last 5 kg to reach their ideal weight (whether it's the weight before the baby or another goal they've chosen).

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